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A standard Indian pastry, normally prepared by filling a round, flat pastry using a sweet filling crafted from dried fruits, grated coconut and condensed milk solids.

Sliced apples together with other fruit are wrapped and cooked in levels of filo pastry. The earliest recognized recipe is in Vienna, but numerous nations around the world in central and eastern Europe declare this dish.[5]

A buttery flaky bread named for its exclusive crescent condition. Croissants are made of the leavened variant of puff pastry. The yeast dough is layered with butter, rolled and folded quite a few situations in succession, then rolled into a sheet, a technique known as laminating. Croissants have very long been a staple of French bakeries and pâtisseries. The Kipferl – ancestor of your croissant – has long been documented in Austria going back again not less than in terms of the thirteenth century, in a variety of shapes.[21] The Kipferl may be built simple or with nut or other fillings (some think about the rugelach a type of Kipferl).

Klobasniky are identical in design and style into a pigs in a blanket or sausage roll, but wrapped in kolache dough.

Generally a variant over the croissant or soreness au chocolat, created that has a leavened butter pastry, with raisins added, formed within a spiral having a crème pâtissière filling. Known in Australia as an "escargot", a member on the pâtisserie viennoise spouse and children of baked foods.

A standard Serbian pastry dish, normally manufactured with white cheese, now common all through the Balkans. Recipes can range from sweet to savory, and from very simple to festive and elaborate multi-layered cakes.

A Tunisian pastry.[63] Sheets of malsouqa tend to be bought in stacks wrapped in cellophane. Malsouqa are accustomed to make samsa and brik (a Tunisian savory pastry), In combination with dishes with various other fillings.

A Greek breakfast pastry consisting of semolina, custard, feta or minced webpage meat filling amongst layers of filo. When with semolina or custard filling is considered a sweet dessert and is particularly topped with icing sugar and cinnamon powder.

Often called "chimney cake", "stove cake", or "Hungarian marriage cake", baked over a tapered cylindrical spit over an open up fire. Kürtőskalács originated from Transylvania.

A pastry created with flaky or puff pastry, stuffed with fruit or jam and whipped cream. The horn condition is produced by winding overlapping pastry strips around a conical mildew.

When you need a little something sweet and simple for breakfast or being an afternoon choose-me-up, this recipe is The solution. Puff pastry dough is brushed with just one crushed egg combined with sugar, then rolled up like a scroll, with all sides Assembly in the middle.

A fried skinny dough manufactured from flour and a lot of eggs. A conventional Jewish pastry, the Sephardic comparable to the Ashkenazi hamantashen. In Israel, hamantaschen are referred to as Oznei Haman (Hebrew: אוזני המן‎‎), Hebrew for "Haman's ears" in reference for their defeated enemy's ears, and so they depict his pockets, his hat, plus the dice used to cast heaps.

Often known as a "product puff" in America, a profiterole is really a choux pastry ball crammed with whipped product, pastry cream, or ice cream. This take care of is typically extremely sweet. The puffs might be decorated or still left basic or garnished with chocolate sauce, caramel, or possibly a dusting of powdered sugar.

A sweet pastry, of Viennese origin, which happens to be a speciality of Denmark and neighboring Scandinavian nations. Called 'facturas' in Argentina and neighbouring international locations (of which 'tortitas negras' are a kind). Pictured is actually a pecan and maple Danish pastry

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